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Measuring Machine & Instrument

Our metrology products cmm help manufacturers to maximise production output, to reduce significantly the time taken to produce and inspect components, and to keep their machines running reliably. In the fields of industrial automation and motion systems, our position measurement and calibration systems allow builders to manufacture highly accurate and reliable products.


A continuous drive to provide technically superior products encoder in combination with reliability, closeness to the customer, and a practice-oriented frame of mind form the basis of HEIDENHAIN’s efforts. HEIDENHAIN has always sought a dialog with science and research on the one hand and with users and customers on the other

Probing System

Renishaw is a global, high precision metrology and healthcare technology group.

We design, develop and deliver solutions and systems that provide unparalleled precision, control and reliability.

We are also a world leader in the field of additive manufacturing (also referred to as metal 3D printing), where we design and produce industrial machines which ‘print' parts from metal powder. From transport to agriculture, electronics to healthcare, our breakthrough technology transforms product performance.

System Marking

Marking becomes a strategic marketing action that enhances the product and / or shares the image and the name of the company: think about product’s decorations or marking – permanently – the company logo on the your products.

Using the marking as a tool to increase the perceived value of the product, it becomes the basic quality and versatility of the marking.

There is no one-size-fits-all solution for accurate measurement, and different applications require different measurement systems. At Vision Engineering, we design and manufacture a broad range of non-contact measurement systems from toolmakers’ measuring microscopes to fully automated CNC video measuring systems with optional contact measurement available. Combined with the latest metrology software solutions available, we offer the right tool for the job.


The Stellite brand has a long and distinguished pedigree in finding solutions to wear and corrosion problems based on high performing cobalt (Stellite) and nickel (Deloro) alloys. Our focus on building successful, long-term relationships with our blue chip customers has helped us become the leading global supplier of 'wear solutions'.

Kennametal Stellite™ produces its own proprietary metal alloys from cobalt and nickel which have outstanding metallurgical and physical properties which are ideally suited to solving these wear problems.


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