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Take Your Production to a New Level with the TIGO SF

Developed for the shop-floor, the TIGO SF is a fully-protected and versatile coordinate measuring machine (CMM) that combines robust construction, innovative technology and flexibility of setup to ensure high-accuracy measurement in the harshest of environments.

TIGO SF is an accurate and compact CMM specifically designed for use on the shop floor. With a measurement volume of 500 x 580 x 500 mm (X/Y/Z), it is the ideal measurement solution for a wide range of small and medium size parts from all industrial sectors.

The solid and robust TIGO SF features air-free movement to ensure performance in harsh shop-floor environments. The machine structure is fully protected by the covers and bellows to prevent contamination of the moving parts. Electronic equipment is housed in the machine stand, and an IP54-rated version of the stand is available as an option for extra protection in the harshest environments. Passive dampeners mitigate the effects of vibration, and an active dampening system is available as an option for workshop setups where vibrations may have a greater impact.

Thanks to its cantilever structure, TIGO SF is open on three sides and therefore offers optimal accessibility for manual and automatic part loading and unloading for seamless integration into a variety of production processes. The thick granite worktable also incorporates a dense grid of fixturing holes to make part placement easy and quick.

TIGO SF is the all-in-one measuring solution for production areas; in the standard configuration both the controller and the PC are housed inside the machine stand, and the monitor and keyboard are positioned on a swivelling arm to ensure maximum ergonomics with the minimum footprint. This standalone compact configuration can be easily relocated to suit changing production needs.

In its standard configuration TIGO SF comes equipped with the HP-S-X1C fixed probe head to support high-speed, high-accuracy continuous scanning and point-to-point measurements. Alternatively, the CMM can be equipped with the automatic indexable HH-A-5° or manual index HH-MI-M and touch trigger probes for greater flexibility.

Enhanced structural thermal compensation enables TIGO SF’s standard operating temperature range of 15 °C to 30 °C to be extended up to 40 ˚C through the XT extended temperature option.



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