HP-L-8.9 Laser Scanner
HP-L-8.9 Laser Scanner

Cost-effective laser scanning for the Absolute Arm

Compatible with all 6-axis Absolute Arm portable coordinate measuring machines (PCMMs), the HP-L-8.9 3D laser scanner can be seamlessly integrated in minutes to enhance the already versatile Absolute Arm with high-speed scanning capabilities.
Affordable and user-friendly, the HP-L-8.9 laser scanner is ideal for customers who want to expand their metrology potential by adding portable point-cloud measurement to their arsenal.

The HP-L-8.9 is an affordable 3D laser scanning solution that offers fast and accurate non-contact measurement of complex or delicate parts. High-grade optics mean the HP-L-8.9 is capable of measuring even tricky surface types like carbon fibre, leather and steel. No reference targets or markers are required, and the ability to switch from laser scanning to tactile probing without any kind of calibration brings total versatility to the Absolute Arm. This versatility makes it perfect for even more measurement applications including:
Product benchmarking
Automotive and aerospace seating
Product design and styling
Casting and forging
Jigs and fixtures
Archaeology and cultural heritage
Development of aftermarket components
Reverse engineering
Maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO)
Virtual assembly
3D printing and rapid prototyping
The HP-L-8.9 laser scanner simply plugs into the Absolute Arm and measures, enabling operators to become proficient with minimal training. A long stand-off distance gives the sensor excellent vision when measuring cavities, while the totally new range finder concept guides users to the ideal measurement position. Available as a turnkey solution with any 6-axis Absolute Arm (including the 71, 73 and 75 series models) or as a retrofit that can quickly be installed on an existing unit, the HP-L-8.9 brings high-speed non-contact scanning to a new generation of users.

HP-L-8.9 Laser Scanner


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