Absolute Arm 7 Axis
Absolute Arm 7 Axis

The all-in-one solution for portable 3D measurement

The flagship of the Absolute Arm range, the Absolute Arm 7-Axis delivers tactile probing and laser scanning in a uniquely ergonomic package. It’s the clear choice for high-end portable measurement applications. With usability central to its design, this is an articulating measuring arm that can’t be beaten when it comes to ease of movement and ease of measurement.

Built-in versatility comes in the form of a uniquely modular wrist design, including an on-wrist display that puts control and results in the hands of the user. Choose between configurable grip shapes and sizes as well as a wide range of accessories, from probe tips and 3D optical scanners to complete measurement systems designed for specialised applications.

The flagship RS6 Laser Scanner is the key to high-end 3D scanning and digitisation, while our RS5 Laser Scanner offers established and reliable general-purpose scanning functionality. The ground-breaking RS-SQUARED Area Scanner offers a high-productivity alternative based on structured light scanning technology. Each can be quickly and easily mounted on the Absolute Arm 7-Axis by the user with no need for recalibration.

All this adds up to a far more productive and versatile arm that delivers high-accuracy measurement results more quickly and more easily than ever before.

Absolute Arm 7 Axis


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