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Measuring Instrument

The flagship products of the broad TESA instrument range are a true benchmark for the inspection of incoming goods as well as for production workshops and quality assurance laboratories: micrometers, dial gauges, inductive probes and callipers, to name just a few, are often essential instruments.


A General Purpose CMM that Meets the Needs of Industrial Measurement


> Data Processing Software

> Cables Connection

> Wireless Transmission

> Batteries, Power Supplies and Cables

Features & Benefit

  • Various configurations and sizes to support the needs of many applications

  • Exclusive triangular cross-section bridge beam design provides optimal stiffness-to-mass ratio for good precision and long-term stability

  • Dovetail guideways with closed structure provide stable movement

  • Heidenhain scales with one end fixed and the other free to expand ensure linear changes with temperature for easy compensation 

  • Patented pneumatic counterbalance design provides highly reliable performance

  • Remote-mounted drive motors dissipate heat away from the machine frame to minimise thermal influences on measurement results

  • Small footprint, making it easy to fit in tight spaces

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